Herbes Folles

Herbes Folles is a Portuguese cosmetics brand founded by Mariana Santos. It's a special brand that uses weeds in its products and wants us to look at these weeds differently, giving them the attention they deserve. These weeds play a very important role in our ecosystems and are a source of nutrients and antioxidants!
Herbes Folles believes cosmetics should be pleasant, ethical and effective, so none of their products contain palm oil, are cruelty-free and vegetarian. Its production is carried out in small batches in a Belgian laboratory specializing in natural and sustainable cosmetics.
All Herbes Folles packaging is produced in Europe and is made from glass or paper, which are more sustainable than plastic. The labels are produced without cutting down trees and created from bagasse – sugarcane fiber residues used by the sugar industry.
It is a brand certified by NATRUE, member of the 1% for the Planet and supports the NGO The Lemon Tree Trust.

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