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Sarah Chapman The Bodylift

Sarah Chapman The Bodylift Sarah Chapman The Bodylift
Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman The Bodylift


A body massager that relaxes muscle tension and stimulates lymphatic drainage, reducing fluid retention and stimulating circulation. The result? A smoother, toned and defined body.

Why is it Inouïe?
If you are already a fan of The Facialift by Sarah Chapman, you'll love this body version! Sarah Chapman The Bodylift is a body massager with 12 massage heads and 72 knuckles. Massage heads stimulate the lymphatic system, reducing swelling due to fluid retention and significantly improving the appearance of the skin. Nodules reduce muscle tension and stimulate circulation, helping to sculpt, smooth, tone and define the body.
Actives & Ingredients
Inouïe Tips
Press the roller so that the 2 parts separate and massage with movements perpendicular to the body. Recommended for use on arms, legs and buttocks.

NOTE: If you have any health or skin problem that makes it fragile, you should first consult your doctor before using the roller. You should stop the massage if you feel discomfort, pain or irritation. Do not use on children.

Suitable for all skin types.
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