Gallinée Youthful Serum

Gallinée Youthful Serum Gallinée Youthful Serum

Gallinée Youthful Serum


Because youth is something to be cherished! This serum was created for people like you who want to keep their skin nourished and radiant. It is your best ally to combat signs of ageing.

Why is it Inouïe?

The Youthful serum leaves skin radiant and nourished, with a healthy glow. Reduces signs of ageing as it moisturises your skin and improves its texture. Gallinée guarantees that the Youthful Serum improves hydration by 62% after 8 hours (and we verified this claim!) 

Like all Gallinée products, this serum has a patented complex of prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid that promotes healthy skin and helps maintain the skin’s good bacteria. Contains 92% natural ingredients and a pH that is friendly on your skin and its bacteria.

Actives & Ingredients

Probiotics: Bacteria from the Lactobacillus family, which are very gentle on the skin and help keep it healthy and balanced. 

Prebiotics: A mixture of gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s bacterial flora while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Lactic acid: The gentlest of AHAs, in addition to helping the skin maintain a healthy pH level, lactic acid also has hydrating properties. 

Fern extract: This extract has a prebiotic and firming effect on the skin.

Aqua (water), maltodextrin, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, inulin, lactic acid, propanediol, glycerin, pentylene glycol, polymnia sonchifolia root juice, lactobacillus, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, xanthan gum, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium benzoate, lactococcus ferment lysate, polyacrylate crosspolymer, cyathea cumingii leaf extract, glyceryl caprylate, cinnamic acid, levulinic acid / sodium levulinate, potassium sorbate.

Inouïe Tips

Youthful Serum can be applied in two ways: 

- By itself, after cleansing and toning the skin; 

- Mixed with your favourite moisturiser; 

We suggest Gallinée’s Hydrating Face Cream for that extra boost in hydration. Either way, the Youthful Serum will leave your skin with that much desired glowing look.

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

More Information

Does not contain: Fragrances, Colourants, Parabens, Mineral oils, Silicones or Microbeads.

Cruelty-free, Vegan

30 ml
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