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Sarah Chapman The Faciallift

Sarah Chapman The Faciallift Sarah Chapman The Faciallift
Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman The Faciallift


The accessory you need for a facial massage at home! It is a facial massager with 8 unique heads and 48 nodules that tones the contours of the face, releases accumulated tension and helps with lymphatic drainage.

¿Por qué es Inouïe?
With this massage roller you can do at home the facial massage technique used by Sarah Chapman - Skinesis facial massage. The benefits of regularly using Sarah Chapman The Faciallift are:
• Relieves muscle tension, especially in the jaw;
• Stimulates blood flow, increasing skin luminosity;
• Helps reduce swelling through lymphatic drainage;
• It's simple and easy to use.
Movement 1: Hold the roller at right angles to the chin, pull it towards the ears and roll back towards the chin. In this step, avoid massaging the ones above the cheekbones.
Movement 2: Hold the roller around your neck and roll to massage both sides of your neck at the same time.
Movement 3: Hold the rollers and using the opposite side (in the form of a disc) give small touches all over the face, focusing on the forehead and eye contour. Repeat each movement 6 times. Wash the roller after each use with warm soapy water.

NOTE: If you have any health or skin problem that makes it fragile, you should first consult your doctor before using the roller. You should stop the massage if you feel discomfort, pain or irritation. Do not use on children.

For all skin types.
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