What is inouïe?

Inouïe was created to allow easy access to unique and amazing cosmetic products. All products have been carefully selected based on high quality ingredients that work. In addition, we have chosen brands with transparent, sustainable principles and, above all, that do not carry out tests on animals. 

We want you to fall in love with these extraordinary cosmetic products! 

Our mission is to transform your beauty routine into a special well-being ritual. We want your light to be shown through your skin and be radiant!

Who is inouïe?

Our path began when we met at college, amongst the beautiful streets of Porto. Since then, we became pharmacists and friends united by a common passion, cosmetics. And it was this passion that led us here, to this unique and special space for beauty care. 

We are Ann and Mariana. We complete each other. Ann is a beauty freak, who loves discovering new cosmetic brands and products. Mariana is passionate about galenics and everything related to cosmetic efficacy and formulations. 

Now that you know us better, we invite you to discover the products we have selected for you with all our knowledge and passion. 

And don't forget, our products are extraordinary, but you are even more so!

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