At inouïe we believe that the secret of beauty lies in taking more care of ourselves.

We respect our planet; we believe in sustainability!

As a brand we at Inouïe strive for environmental responsibility, i.e. our packaging is recycled and/or recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, and our padding stands out for being made from corn starch which is water soluble. In whatever helps our business, we work with national companies to promote local economic development.

We are passionate about beauty and, as such, we study, search and test different brands, with the main focus on their quality, but always looking for brands with a more sustainable approach.

Inouïe is the fruition of a dream to do more and better for the beauty of Portuguese women. We are a small company, but with the ambition to take this desire and passion for taking better care of ourselves and our skin further!

Below, we share some examples of brands that show particular care in this area:

  • Evolve Organic Beauty: Being a very artisanal brand, it has very strong sustainability concerns. It’s packaging ranging from fully recyclable glass, recyclable cardboard, FSC and eco-friendly production methods, and uses only PET plastic (recyclable) and 75% to 100% recycled. When it comes to sourcing raw materials, Evolve's focus is on choosing suppliers as closely as possible and with a preference for those with fair trade certification and sustainable practices, as well as being careful in choosing eco-friendly and ethical ingredients.

  • Alex Carro: A minimalist brand, with a line that only has 6 products, which the brand encourages to mix together in order to reduce the consumption of a large number of different cosmetic products with too specific uses. Furthermore, the packaging is made of miron glass which, apart from being recyclable, due to its high capacity to filter visible and UV radiation, increases product stability (and respective shelf life) and reduces the need for preservative ingredients.

  • Oskia: A brand that aims to make all its packaging and choice of ingredients sustainable. 98% of its packaging is recyclable, with a focus on the use of recycled and/or recyclable paper/cardboard and glass. In addition, they are replacing plastic packaging with packaging made from beet sugar. They also guarantee that 97% of the ingredients and packaging they use come from sustainable sources.

  • Pestle&Mortar: A brand that has been taking steps to lessen its environmental impact as it has grown. In addition to its philosophy of minimalist formulas (“less is more"), there is a concern with the use of sustainable packaging, from the use of reused packaging in the boxes of its orders, to the removal of protective/sealing plastic from the packaging of each product. The packaging of its products is made of paper and the brand encourages its reuse ("upcycle before you recycle").

  • Mádara: This brand was recognised in 2016 as the "greenest" and most sustainable company in Latvia, where it originated. It has a very developed sustainability policy, from the choice of packaging materials to the choice of ingredients, with a focus on local suppliers and giving preference to natural and organic products.

  • Lixirskin: A brand committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, recognising the need to continuously improve and reduce adverse effects on the environment. The formulation and manufacture of Lixirskin products are carried out in the laboratory in London, UK. In the primary packaging they use double walls, such as lids to allow the tube to be held up or jars with an inner bottle or multi-layer plastic system. Allowing them to use less plastic and be more easily recyclable. Good Skin Trio and Mini Set products and their tubes are made from LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE and are 100% recyclable. The lids are made from PP and are also 100% recyclable.

  • Alpha-H: A cosmetics brand that has been taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment, from installing solar panels in its factories, supporting local producers and suppliers to converting its inorganic waste into high quality compost that can be used, for example, to replace fertilisers. All Alpha-H packaging is recyclable, with 30-35% of its packaging coming from recycled material.
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