4 things you can do to make your Quarantine more Inouïe

We all already know the reasons why we should maintain social distance and unfortunately it seems like it's here to stay and indefinitely.

Therefore, we must see this as an opportunity for reflection and time to take care of ourselves more! Discover the 4 reasons to make your social distancing more beautiful and Inouïe

  1. Make face masks

    Now you have no excuse not to do a face mask once or twice a week. Facial mask care not only allows us to take care of our skin more intensively, but also promotes renewal and restores radiance to the skin. Make a mask and relax, enjoy the moment you have just for you!

    Oskia Liquid Mask Lactic Acid Micro-peel

    The Skin Lounge Pack Seoul

    Pibu Beauty Brightening Mask

    two. Detox your skin

      Deeply cleanses your skin, eliminates impurities and removes excess sebum. Just once a week, your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and toned.

      Madara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask

      Gallinee Face Mask & Scrub

      3. Use an exfoliant

        Exfoliating can do wonders for our skin. It helps to remove dead cells, as well as stimulate blood microcirculation in our skin. Take advantage of the shower and exfoliate your face once a week.

        Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub

        Alex Carro Exfoliating Powder

        Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm

        4. Face Massage

          A gentle massage on the face for 5 minutes not only helps to stimulate microcirculation, but also promotes the penetration of our beauty care ingredients. So take advantage of this quarantine time and give your face a gentle massage and relax.

          Alex Carro Balancing Face Oil

          Aromatica Organic Rosehip Oil

          Evolve Miracle Facial Oil

          Enjoy your quarantine and take care of yourself and others!

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