5 questions about sunscreen!

The time of year has come when the days are longer and we are more intensively exposed to the sun. Many questions come to Inouïe and today we tell you what you need to know about sunscreen:

  • Does sunscreen use cause vitamin D deficiency?

No! Our body can synthesize vitamin D even when applying and renewing sunscreen.

  • Can cell phone light damage our skin?

There is still a lot of controversy about the effects of blue light from cell phone screens on our skin. However, the intensity of blue light that reaches us from the sun is much more intense than that of electronic devices, despite its increasing use.

  • Is solar radiation able to pass through the windows?

Although car glass and windows in our home or office block most UVB rays, there are other types of radiation, such as UVA, visible light and infrared radiation, that can pass through the glass and cause damage to our skin.

  • I'm a brunette, do I need to apply sunscreen?

Tanning is the result of increased melanin production as a natural mechanism for sun exposure. However, this does not mean not using sunscreen, as UV, visible and infrared radiation continue to damage our skin and we only protect it with the regular use of sunscreen.

  • Is using a sunscreen with SPF 50 better than using one with SPF30?

It depends. The use of SPF 50 guarantees us more time in which the skin is protected against solar erythema. However, this depends on how much sunscreen we apply and whether we renew it throughout the day.

Don't let your sunscreen run out for next year!

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