6 tips to apply perfume correctly!

Perfume reflects our personality and often our state of mind. It helps us to be present and to provide sensations in us and those around us.

Perfumes are classified according to their olfactory family, such as floral, woody, citrus, oriental, among others, and their choice is often based on our personal preferences, the occasion or even the time of year.

To make the most of the fragrance, we give you 6 tips to apply your perfume correctly:

  1. Apply after showering, as clean skin helps to better absorb the fragrance;
  2. Apply the perfume to warm areas of the body, such as the neck, wrists, behind the ears, chest and inside the forearms. These areas are rich in blood vessels and the fragrance will be released slowly throughout the day;
  3. Never rub the perfume on the skin, when rubbing you will increase the process of evaporation of the perfume, having the opposite effect to what is intended;
  4. Spray correctly, keeping a distance of about 12 cm from the body to avoid excessive application;
  5. Perfume varies depending on the day or even the time of year, use warmer perfumes in winter and cooler ones in summer;
  6. In the summer choose to apply the perfume to your clothes, in order to guarantee that the fragrance will not be lost by the natural sweat of your skin.

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