The Importance of using Sunscreen!

Summer days are here and it's easy to get carried away by the pleasure of enjoying the radiant sun, however, have you ever stopped to think about the harmful effects that the sun's rays can have on your skin? That's where the understated but essential hero comes in: sunscreen. Using adequate sunscreen regularly will help maintain your skin's health and beauty.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun are responsible for significant damage to the skin, including sunburn, premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer. Here comes the crucial role of sunscreen. By applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen, you are providing your skin with a protective layer that will block or absorb harmful UV rays, reducing the damage they cause.

What types of solar radiation can affect your skin?

Solar radiation is composed of radiation of different wavelengths and each of them emits a different energy:

UVB rays: It is the radiation that causes the skin to tan and cause sunburn, decrease the immune system and cause skin cancer;

UVA rays: Cause damage to the deeper layers of the skin, causing premature aging, wrinkles, allergies and skin cancer;

IR Radiation (Infrared) : Leads to skin aging, erythema, vasodilation and feeling hot;

Visible radiation: Powers UV and IR radiation erythema, causes aging and darker skin spots.

It is important that your choice of sunscreen is always suited to your skin type and your needs, particularly if you have spots (1) opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a visible light filter, or if you have sensitive (2), opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with filters for IR radiation.

You should apply about 2 to 2.5ml of sunscreen for your face and neck, as the last step of your beauty routine and if you want to put on make-up, you should wait 2 minutes before applying make-up. Don't forget that applying sunscreen just once a day is not enough, so renew it every 2 hours and if you go to the beach or pool, don't forget to renew your sunscreen after showering.

The most sensitive areas, such as lips (3) and eyes (4), should not be forgotten, so apply sunscreen and renew in these areas too.

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