Milu LED Spot Device

(2 Reviews)

Milu LED Spot Device

(2 Reviews)

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A beauty accessory with LED light to treat those spots that appear without warning!

Do you want to have smooth and even skin without annoying pimples or blemishes? Then this innovative beauty accessory is for you! The Milu LED Spot Device combines a concentrated dose of soft blue and red LED light to efficiently target blemishes in just 3 minutes per session. This LED device is designed to help fight acne-causing bacteria and to help improve the appearance of your skin before, after and during breakouts. Fits in your wallet so you can take it everywhere!
It has a timer so that it goes off after 3 minutes, the time needed per session.

Before first use, put in 1 AAA battery (not included). Remove the lid and pull out the silver part of the pink box. Insert the AAA battery as shown. Place the device over the spot and rotate by pressing the button at the bottom. Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes. Repeat on another pimple, as desired.

- Red light 630 nm
Helps to rejuvenate, stimulates collagen production and helps accelerate skin repair. Working efficiently on the skin's layers, this light therapy helps restore skin faster.

- 465 nm blue light
Powerful antibacterial benefits. Helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria to prevent breakouts and improve skin appearance. Helps care for oily skin and soothes inflammation.

For whom:All skin types.

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