Anna Fuster - Founder of Two Poles!

Two Poles is a Spanish brand that was born to introduce us to an empowered, honest and transparent cosmetic.

⁣Anna is the heart and soul of Two Poles, the brand that unites two poles that are not opposites: honesty and efficiency and nature and science.⁣

In an interview with Inouïe, Anna lets us know the face behind Two Poles and what motivated her to launch her own brand!

  • When did the desire to create your own cosmetics brand come about?

When I was doing my master's degree in Dermopharmacy, I had the opportunity to help some laboratories with marketing and content creation. Then I decided to experiment with creating something I had in mind, a texture... which turned out to be the Cloud Moisturizer. I wasn't sure if this would eventually become a brand in itself, until several factors came together and we finally decided to move forward. On the one hand, I realized that there was a lack of a type of product on the market. I have very sensitive skin and there are few products that I can use regularly. I missed potent products on the market that were suitable for very sensitive skin.

On the other hand, and thanks to my personal account @partners.incream , I realized that something was happening: after the pandemic, there was a growing interest in cosmetics, not only in buying, but also in learning more, in knowing exactly what to do put on the skin. That's when we got excited to create other formulas... all my network of contacts who tried it were surprised and that's how we embarked on the madness of creating Two Poles!

  • What is the meaning of the name Two Poles?

Two Poles intends to explain the values of the brand a little. It refers to two opposite poles that attract each other. On the one hand, synthetic and natural ingredients. In our formulas we combine the best of nature with synthetic ingredients, as they are sometimes the best alternative to obtain more effective, vegan or even more sustainable formulas. In addition, many times with a synthetic ingredient we achieve a greater tolerance of the product. For example, perfume. If done directly with essential oils, these can cause allergies, irritations or even be photosensitizing. In our case, we used an allergen-free synthesized perfume to avoid this.

On the other hand, these two poles also mean efficacy and high tolerance of the formulas. We missed products with potent formulas, with high concentrations of tested ingredients, but which could also be used on sensitive skin. We balance formulas well or use technologies that allow us to achieve this, such as encapsulated ingredients. All our products are tested on sensitive skin by dermatologists with good results.

  • What sets Two Poles apart from other cosmetics brands?

Well, on the one hand, our bet on products loaded with ingredients with high scientific evidence, in high concentrations. All this, with sustainable packaging (we use recycled plastic or glass), made in Spain and without exorbitant prices. Something that characterizes us are the great reviews we receive daily for our products and the high repetition rate we have. There are customers who buy our Cloud Moisturizer every 3! :) Two Poles products are also characterized by being multifunctional: not only are they focused on a single problem, but a single serum often has several benefits, such as wrinkle improvement, blemishes and firming in one.

On the other hand, our desire to inform and be transparent with our formulas. On our website and packaging we detail all the ingredients and even the ph of the formulas, and on our social networks and email marketing, we do a great deal of educational work on ingredients, products and cosmetic routines and tips to better understand how skin and how to care for it correctly. We explain the ingredients in depth, teach how to organize routines, learn how to treat stains like a professional... we love teaching, because we believe that information is power, power to buy better and, ultimately, to obtain better results.

  • Nowadays we are witnessing an increasing number of ecological cosmetics brands. What is Two Poles' position as a sustainable brand?

It is a value that has been part of the brand and the entire team since the first minute. Nowadays, it is already very difficult to undertake for various reasons (economic, for example), and considering being as sustainable as possible is very difficult. It is still much more expensive to be sustainable than not to be. But at Two Poles it was something we were very clear about and we bet on that.

For example, our tubes are made from recycled plastic and our droppers are made from recycled glass. Boxes are 70% recycled and packaging is recyclable up to 5 times. Everything is made in Spain, so we reduce the carbon footprint of shipping, and when it's not necessary, we don't add extra packaging, as is the case with larger packages.

We're also starting to incorporate sustainable ingredients, not just on the outside. For example, in the cleaning oil we use "up-cycling" extra virgin olive oil, that is, that comes from leftovers from other manufactures.

We know that we are not 100% sustainable, but our intention is to improve year after year.

  • Why should everyone use Two Poles in their beauty routine?

No doubt about the results. Because they are products with such complete and multifunctional formulas, the results are visible relatively quickly. In addition, by containing several ingredients in high concentrations, it allows you to simplify the routine, making it much easier to follow. We are adept at using less but higher quality products. We work a lot on textures and aromas, we believe that this is crucial when following the daily routine. In the end, the key is a good product plus consistency.

  • What is Two Poles' favorite product?

It's a very difficult question... perhaps I would say Morning Glow , our vitamin C serum: for its texture, versatility and the glowing effect it leaves on the skin. It is an ideal product, which is absorbed immediately and which pleases all skin types. It can be used all year round and serves to: improve blemishes, prevent and improve pimples, wrinkles and sagging, in addition to being a potent antioxidant.

  • If you had to live with one Two Poles product or another, what would it be?

Wow! Can I choose two? Hehe would be a moisturizer (the Cloud , of course!) and a light sunscreen :)

Thank you! Thank you 😊

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