Inouïe Beauty at Time Out Porto

Inouïe Beauty had the privilege of being interviewed by Time Out Porto for the June issue of the magazine.

It was with great joy that we agreed to carry out the interview and, in this way, make our brand, Inouïe Beauty, known.

For those who bought the magazine or not, here on our blog is the article published by Time Out, which summarizes the values and mission of Inouïe Beauty.

“14 years ago, Ann Almeida and Mariana Lopes met when they were still students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Porto. They have always shared a passion for cosmetics and, as both have training in the area, in April they decided to take the leap and create their own brand.

Inouïe Beauty's mission is clear: “to transform the beauty routine of Portuguese women into a special and well-being moment”, they say. For this, they began to resell products from different international brands of cosmetics, exclusive and without animal testing. The offer is varied and they have articles that include cleaning, hydration and skin exfoliation. The catalog shows brands produced all over the world. Alex Carro comes from Barcelona, Gallinée is French, from Ireland comes Pestle & Mortar, from Latvia comes from Mádara, and from South Korea COSRX. Prices range from €4 to €110.

For a more personalized service, there is a tab on the Inouïe Beauty website with the name Beauty Coach. This is where you can answer a short questionnaire about your skin and your daily routine. “The aim is to help people build a new beauty care routine that respects and improves the characteristics of each skin type”, they explain.

With summer just around the corner, the next bet is sun protection products and, later on, they want to expand their offer to hair and body care.”

Time Out Porto, June 2019

Thank you Time Out Porto for the opportunity and recognition of the work that Inouïe Beauty is doing for the Beauty of Portuguese women!

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