K-Beauty: The Secrets to Perfect Skin!

K-Beauty or Korean Cosmetics is the name you can call cosmetics inspired by South Korea.

Appearance and beauty are very important in Korean culture, having an impact on personal and professional life, as well as being a symbol of health in this country. Therefore, there are many Korean cosmetic brands, which are constantly looking for new ingredients and developing new products to satisfy the needs of such a demanding consumer.

Korean cosmetics have been increasingly dictating trends in the western world, such as the use of BB Cream or even the double cleaning method, as their cosmetics are increasingly known for their innovation, high quality and effectiveness, the use of of natural ingredients, appealing packaging and a good value for money.

One of the secrets of the practice of Korean cosmetics is to have 10 steps in your routine, which include cleaning, preparing, nourishing and protecting:

1. Make-up remover or cleansing oil – first step of the double cleaning, used to remove make-up, impurities, sunscreen and oil.

2. Water-based cleaner – second step of the double cleaning, which helps to remove soluble impurities in the water phase.

3. Exfoliating – a physical or chemical exfoliation, helps to remove dead cells, making the cosmetics used afterwards more effective.

4. Tonic – regulates pH, helps to purify and tone the skin.

5. Essence – it has a light and concentrated texture of ingredients that helps in hydrating and fighting skin aging.

6. Treatment – serums, ampoules that have ingredients in high concentration that help treat a specific skin problem, such as wrinkles, blemishes, sagging or acne.

7. Fabric Mask – here is the secret of Korean beauty, the use of fabric mask makes our skin effectively absorb ingredients with a moisturizing and protective function, in addition to being a relaxing and pleasurable moment .

8. Eye Cream – a specific cream to fight puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles and with specific ingredients and adapted to a sensitive area of the skin.

9. Moisturizer – helps protect our skin and can be in different dosage forms: emulsion, gel, cream or lotion.

10. Sunscreen – the last one goes beyond the morning routine and cannot be missed, as it is the key product in the fight against premature aging of our skin.

At Inouïe we brought you the best of Korean cosmetics!

We are fans of Cosrx essence or tonics, what can't be missed in our beauty routine once or twice a week are the fabric masks from Pibu Beauty or The Skin Lounge , and even the wonderful eye patches from G9skin .

Travel with us to Korea and discover the secrets of K-Beauty .

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