Colette Haydon - Founder of Lixirskin

Colette Haydon, founder of Lixirskin , holds a PhD in dermopharmacy and for years has formulated cosmetic products for the most sought after brands worldwide.
Lixirskin's motto is “less is more”: smart formulas for a simple routine with few products. It is a brand that presents universal, multifunctional cosmetic products to be used every day and specific night care to meet the needs of each skin.

In this interview we will get to know the Lixirskin founder better and we will also find out what is her favorite product from the brand!

  • When did the desire to create your own cosmetics brand arise?

I wanted to channel all my years of crafting knowledge and experience into my own brand, where we believe in universal, advanced and multi-purpose formulations for everyday use, for both young and old skin.

  • What does the name Lixirskin mean?

The name came from Elixir, my consulting company - two very similar names, so people know it's me!

  • What sets Lixirskin apart from other cosmetic brands?

The cosmetics industry comes up with names for different products that often have essentially the same foundation and do the same job, e.g. day cream, night cream, primer, moisturizer, serum, etc. A good formula does it all. At Lixirskin we believe in advanced, hardworking, multi-purpose formulations for everyday use and for all skin types and ages. I feel the market is ready for a different and simpler approach!

    • Today we are witnessing a growing increase in ecological cosmetic brands. What is Lixirskin's position as a sustainable brand?

    We are committed to conducting business in an eco-responsible manner and recognize the need to continually improve and reduce adverse effects on the environment. We are continually identifying and looking for more materials and processes that reduce the risk of pollution.

    FORMULATION AND MANUFACTURING: All products are formulated in our laboratory in London and are in the UK.

    PRIMARY PACKAGING: We do not use double-walled components, such as lids to support the tube or pots with an internal bottle or a system with multiple layers of plastic. It allows us to use less plastic and be more easily recyclable.

    Good Skin Trio and Mini Set: Our tubes are made of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE, they are 100% recyclable. The lids are made of PP and are also 100% recyclable.

    • Why should everyone use Lixirskin in their beauty routine?

    Products with a lot of active ingredients confuse the skin, it works hard, tires and gives up. It is better to ask the skin to do one thing at a time, but well. Some active ingredients are universally essential for the skin and you can never have too many. Others are for specific skin concerns; if used for a long time, they saturate the skin and no longer provide results. It is good to change them to keep the skin stimulated.

    • What is Colette's favorite product?

    Good Skin Trio - Three essential products for the skin's daily needs. Suitable for all skin types, for young and older skin, for face, eyes, neck and hands. They contain robust, multi-purpose formulas and work seamlessly together with minimal effort on our part. There are 3 products that make an instant difference to your skin, but also work long term to give you that “good skin” look.

    • If Colette had to live with one product, what would it be?

    It would be my Good Skin Trio set, but if pressed to say just one product, I would choose Universal Emulsion , because it is the one that sums up the years of learning and practice it takes to formulate a product that can give so much to our skin. .

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