Milu is a brand from the Netherlands founded by Milou Happé, who always had the dream of founding her own cosmetics brand.
It is a brand with a vision of its own that will make you move from thoughts to action, when it comes to your beauty routine. Milu won't let you give up, moving forward is the only way to go.
They love life and the good things - the things that make life more exciting. Their hassle-free skin care products put a smile on your face, do what they promise and look great on your shelf.
It is a demanding brand and uses only the finest selected ingredients to make you feel good - inside and out. You'll want to pick up Milu products and touch them, feel them, squeeze them and most importantly, want to use them!

Milu is a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

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Milu Body Balm

Milu Body Balm