Marie Drago - The founder of Gallinée

Gallinée is the brand that wants to take care of the bacteria in our skin and make them happy, because these beneficial bacteria, which are part of us, are essential for healthy skin.

Marie Drago is a pharmacist with many years of experience in microbiology and that's why she decided to combine two passions - beauty and microorganisms. The result is Gallinée , a brand designed for sensitive and reactive skin, which is formulated with patented complexes of prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid to help nourish and maintain our skin's beneficial bacteria.

Let's get to know Marie better!

  • Like the founders of Inouie, Marie is a pharmacist. When did the desire to create your own cosmetics brand arise?

As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to create my own brand. I always wanted to create something that would change the world of beauty forever, so I had to reflect for a while to do it.

  • What is the meaning of the name Gallinee?

My father was born in a village in the western part of the south of France and there the name Gallinee means a little chicken. I always liked the way the word sounded and, deep down, I wanted it to be a little feminist joke: the symbol of France is a rooster and this time it will be a hen! This is why you can also see a small egg on the Gallinee logo.

  • What sets Gallinee apart from other cosmetic brands?

Gallinée was the first cosmetics brand to focus on the skin's microflora. This means that while most brands are focused on killing the bacteria that live on our skin, we choose to protect their power and help them take care of the skin. Taking care of the skin's microflora is very interesting as it helps to soothe the skin and balance our beneficial bacteria. This makes our range fantastic for sensitive skin as well as eczema-prone skin.

  • Today we are witnessing a growing increase in ecological cosmetic brands. What is Gallinee's position as a sustainable brand?

This is a very broad topic and we are making little progress. Our packaging still contains plastic, but the product itself is extra concentrated, which means it has more uses than usual. We are particularly proud of our Cleansing Bar: it is made without water and plastic, in addition, it is very gentle and can be used on both the face and the body.

When we talk about sustainability there is a big focus on packaging, but I think it's interesting to also talk about minimalism: using less products, with minimalist formulas. I like to give our Face Vinegar as an example, because it is multipurpose and consists mostly of active ingredients. What makes me really happy is receiving comments from our customers saying that they have stopped using make-up since they started using Gallinee!

  • Why should everyone use Gallinee in their beauty routine?

Gallinée was designed for everyone who has bacteria on their skin, which means it was designed for all of us! It's great for sensitive skin, but it also has anti-aging and purifying properties, thanks to the way bacterial microflora manages to control inflammation and balance the skin's beneficial bacteria.

  • What is Marie's favorite product?

Hard question! I'm a big fan of our Face Vinegar . My skin is very sensitive, so it's the only toner I can use. After using it, my skin immediately has a natural glow without ever feeling oily or sticky, and it's also a purifying toner. For me it's a fantastic product and it doesn't hurt to say it has two patents :)

  • If Marie had to live with one product, what would it be?

I will have to choose Face Vinegar again! I use it for pretty much everything, even as a deodorant!


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