Milou Happé - The founder of the MILU brand!

MILU is a brand from the Netherlands founded by Milou Happé, who always had the dream of founding her own cosmetics brand.
It's a brand with a vision of its own that will make you move from thoughts to action, when it comes to your beauty routine. Milu doesn't let you give up, moving forward is the only way to go.

Let's get to know the woman behind this extraordinary brand better?

  • When did the desire to create your own cosmetics brand arise?

I come from an entrepreneurial family and practically grew up in the cosmetics pigment industry, so I've always had a passion for beauty and skin care specifically. After my master's I decided to follow my dreams and develop a beauty brand that stands out from the crowd! I want people to use our products with love and smile when doing every step of the routine. I want you to buy the products for the captivating packaging and for our message, I want you to use our products and be surprised every morning with the smell and the results! I want to deliver the complete pack and that our products are always present on our customers' shelves.

  • What is the meaning of the name MILU?

It's my name! Instead of looking for a brand name, I decided to shorten my own name and use it for my brand. For the simple reason that I want consumers to relate to the brand and feel attracted and connected on a personal level.

  • What distinguishes MILU from other cosmetic brands?

We want to do things our way! We only use ingredients that we've selected to make you feel good - inside and out. Our beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free certified and make you want to touch, feel and squeeze them, but most importantly, want to use them. With our attractive packaging and bold message, we reach our target audience!

    • Today we are witnessing a growing increase in ecological cosmetic brands. What is MILU's position as a sustainable brand?

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to move our cosmetics manufacture from South Korea to our home - the Netherlands! This allows us to reduce our environmental footprint, but also to be involved in the process on a daily basis. All packaging is now made from PCR material and, as always, certified cruelty-free and vegan! In addition, we pay close attention to the ingredients used.

    • Why should everyone use MILU in their beauty routine?

    We want everyone to easily elevate their daily beauty routine, for products to do what they promise, and for an affordable price. It is also important for us that the products look very cute on the bathroom shelf and that they make you smile every day!

    • What is Milou's favorite product?

    Very hard to choose! But I think I'll pick two of my favorites to use daily, the cleansing balm . Its subtle aroma makes me smile every day, it easily removes all the makeup I use daily and leaves my skin super nourished, accompanied by the toner . My second favorite is our new body balm , apart from the fact that the packaging is amazing, the product smells like a subtle tropical breakout and soothes dry skin in just seconds!

      • If Milou had to live with just one product, what would it be?

      In this case, it would be our cleansing balm, because I love the feeling of clean, fresh skin when I take off makeup after a long day. But to be honest, our Eye Patches and lip treatment are also lifesavers 😉

      THANK YOU ❤️

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