5 reasons to use a Face Tonic

The face tonic is a beauty care that cannot fail in the Inouïe routine. Once you discover the differences that a toner can make on your skin, you won't want to "skip" this very important step in your beauty routine.

As with any beauty care, before introducing a facial toner into your routine, you should always take into account your skin type, in this case, whether it is oily, mixed, dry or sensitive skin. Once you've selected your toner, just use it morning and night on the skin, after cleansing and before applying the serum and/or face cream.

A facial tonic is a lotion that can be applied with a cotton pad/compress or if you prefer you can place a small portion directly on the face, massaging gently with your hands until completely absorbed.

After all, why should we all use a facial toner in our beauty routine?

1 - Reduces pore size

        Many of the tonics contain acids in their composition that promote exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. Once they penetrate the pore, they help to remove oxidized oil, leading to a decrease in its swelling and appearance.

        2 - Regulates the pH of the skin

          The pH of our skin is naturally acidic, however, it is normal for this pH to change to alkaline when cleaning the face, so it is important to use a facial tonic to restore the natural pH of our skin in order to keep the skin barrier healthy and ready to receive the next care of our beauty routine.

          3 - Increases skin protection

            By helping to reduce the size of pores and regulate the pH of the skin after cleansing the face, the toner helps to reduce the accumulation of impurities and often water constituents, such as chlorine and other minerals, which lead to the appearance of sensitivity, acne and premature aging of our skin.

            4 - Improves the action of the serum and moisturizer

              The toner helps to unclog pores, making the serum and/or cream penetrate deeper into our skin, increasing its effectiveness.

              5 - Improves skin texture and radiance

                The use of toner on our face helps to remove dead cells from our skin, leading to a natural exfoliation. This improves the texture of the skin of the face, making it healthier and more radiant.

                Now that you have no reason not to use a facial toner in your beauty routine, we suggest you some options for facial tonics adapted to each skin type:

                Oily skin :

                It is important to use a tonic with an astringent action that helps to remove and regulate excess oil, namely tonics with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids).

                Mixed skin :

                You should use a toner that helps remove oil from the skin, but doesn't leave it dry.

                Dry skin :

                Emphasize an alcohol-free toner that helps improve the skin's hydration level.

                Sensitive skin:

                You should use a tonic preferably without perfume and alcohol and that helps to improve the natural barrier of our skin.

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