5 reasons to use a facial oil

More and more people talk about the use of a facial oil in the beauty routine, but many times we end up not knowing how we can use an oil in our routine or we simply think that it may not be suitable for our skin type or even leave it. it more oily.

At Inouïe Beauty we want to talk about the reasons why you should use a facial oil in your beauty routine:

1. Keeps the skin protected

    Our skin is made up of water and lipids and using a facial oil will help keep this hydrolipidic layer of the skin balanced and protected against dehydration and harmful effects such as pollution and radiation to which we are exposed daily.

    2. Fights skin aging

      Many facial oils contain antioxidant properties that help stop wrinkles and fine lines from appearing early. In addition, they help improve skin elasticity by fighting the loss of firmness and volume in the skin.

      3. Helps fight the loss of radiance in the skin

        It is natural that as we age our skin loses its characteristics, namely lipidic. With the use of a facial oil, we are able to restore these natural properties of our skin, giving our skin an immediate luminosity and shine, thus combating the feeling of dull and dull skin. The use of facial oil is also perfect as a make-up primer to give an immediate glow and luminosity.

        4. Increases the effectiveness of previously used cosmetics

          When facial oils are applied as the last step of the routine, they help to create a “sealing” effect, that is, a protective barrier on the skin. This allows our skin to absorb all the ingredients applied in the previous steps of the beauty routine.

          5. Improves the quality of sebum production

            Often our skin can produce sebum in an unregulated way, leading to the appearance of lesions such as acne and symptoms of dehydration and dryness in the skin. With the use of a facial oil, we are able to normalize the production of sebum in the skin.

            Facial oils can be used on any skin type, from oily to dry skin.

            Facial oil can be used mixed with any moisturizer or as the last step in your beauty routine. In the case of mixed or oily skin, we recommend using it only in the night routine.

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