The Importance of taking care of your Hair: Tips for Healthy and Dazzling Hair!

Taking care of our hair is important not only for our appearance but also for our self-esteem. To have healthy and vital hair, it is important to take appropriate care in accordance with the needs of our hair and scalp. At Inouie, taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of the skin on your body or face, so we're going to give you some tips to keep your hair healthy and stunning.

- Choose the right shampoo

A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth and to avoid problems such as dandruff, sensitivity or irritation and hair loss. It is important to keep your scalp clean, using a mild shampoo suited to your scalp's needs. For example, if you have oily hair, choose to use a shampoo (1) with ingredients that help cleanse and control excess oil or if you have a sensitive scalp, choose a shampoo (2) with calming and softening properties.

- Moisturizes hair

It's important to hydrate your hair to keep it healthy, smooth and shiny. Lack of hydration in your hair can make it rougher and more brittle and lead to the appearance or worsening of frizz. Apply a moisturizing mask (3) to your hair once a week.

- Protects against environmental damage

Protecting your hair against environmental damage such as pollution and UV rays is essential to prevent your hair from becoming rough and damaged. Use aproduct (4) that helps protect your hair against this damage and preferably helps hydrate your hair.

- Establish a care routine:

It's important to establish a consistent hair care routine, in order to see results not only in hydrating your hair but also in the health of your scalp.

Taking care of your hair is important not only for your health, but also for your self-esteem. Take care of your hair like never before, take care of it with Inouïe!

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