Cruelty-free: What do you mean?

Cruelty-free in Portuguese means “free from cruelty”. This term Cruelty-free means that the cosmetic has not been tested on animals at any time.

In 2013, the European Union decided to ban the use of animals for testing the quality, efficacy and safety of cosmetics. Since then, all cosmetics in Europe are tested “in vitro”, that is, tests complementary to the use of animals.

However, unlike Europe, there are several countries in the world that allow testing of cosmetics on animals, namely in the Chinese market, where for a cosmetic to be marketed it is mandatory to carry out tests on animals. This means that although brands are not required to test their cosmetics on animals to be present in Europe, they may have to do so in order to be marketed in other markets.

When we decided to create Inouïe, one thing was very clear, we wanted cosmetic brands that were Cruelty-free, that is, that guaranteed us that they did not carry out any type of animal testing on their products. From Korean cosmetics to organic cosmetics, all our cosmetics are Cruelty-free.

At Inouïe we believe in cosmetics that are transparent, effective and above all cruelty-free. For happy skin.

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