Inouïe Beauty

A story of friendship and passion for the extraordinary and incredible

It all started 14 years ago, on our first day at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Porto. We sat side by side at the bar and started talking. It may seem romantic, but that day, without knowing each other, we realized that we had a lot in common and that's when our friendship began. Since then we have lived and felt many things together.

They say that Friends are the Family we choose, but for us friendship goes beyond that. In friendship we grow and transform, we spend days, weeks and even months without being together, but in a simple meeting, in a short message or phone call, everything remains intact, unchanged, as if we remember at that moment that time has not passed. It's like we're back in that first day, in the college bar.

It was at one of those meetings, sometime in the summer of 2017, that we shared the desire to do something different in the world of cosmetics. We always had this passion in common and it was already common to share doubts, new brands and new beauty products that we had discovered and that we loved.

At that moment, our dream began to form and our path to be designed.

We call this dream Inouïe, which in French means “extraordinary” and “incredible”, because what we want is for beauty lovers like us to have access to extraordinary and incredible cosmetics. Cult and famous cosmetic products in other countries.

We had many doubts and fears. But we were also sure that our passion for cosmetics and the knowledge accumulated in our profession - we are Pharmacists - were the perfect ingredients to help us in our mission: to select and make accessible exclusive cosmetic products, by author and according to the values we share. . We wanted to bring cosmetic brands that did not yet exist in Portugal, that were Cruelty-Free , transparent about the composition of their products and that also had a story to tell.

In this blog we will share those stories with you, along with the best tips and advice. We want you to share your doubts and suggestions here and make you feel that you are also part of Inouïe!

António Gedeão said that “whenever a man dreams, the world jumps and advances like a colored ball, between the hands of a child”.

That's how Inouïe was born.

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