Kristin Chen, the founder of Iren Skin

The IREN Skin is a Japanese cosmetics brand that combines the traditions of Japanese rituals with the most advanced cosmetic technology. It was founded by Kristin and its philosophy is based on 3 fundamental pillars: transparency, personalization and visible results.

Today we are going to get to know Kristin and IRÉN Skin, the first J-Beauty brand at Inouie!

  • When did the desire to create your own cosmetics brand arise?

I started working in the cosmetics industry over 10 years ago, so skin care has always been a big part of my life. Personally, I am addicted to skin care and I went through a phase of irresponsible shopping and damaged my skin because I was using too many harsh and inappropriate products. Back then, cosmetic brands weren't that transparent and information wasn't readily available. During the quest to cure my skin, I did a lot of research on the ingredients and the correlation this had with different skin conditions. I started omitting certain ingredients from my routine because they were too aggressive or comedogenic. It was then that I understood that the cosmetic industry is inundated with many generic products and incorrect information. We always end up buying products that are not suitable or simply things we don't need. Looking to make a difference in the cosmetics industry, I wanted to create a brand that was targeted to very specific skin conditions, effective yet simple to understand and easy to use.

  • What is the meaning of the name IRÉN Skin?

The name IRÉN is inspired by Irène Joliot Curie, the second woman in history to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The first woman to receive the Nobel Prize was her mother, Marie Curie, who is well known in the world. I wanted to pay tribute to her lesser-known daughter, Irène, because not only was she a remarkable woman in science, but she was also very active in promoting women's education and fighting for their rights.

  • What distinguishes IRÉN Skin from other cosmetic brands?

We are one of the few independent brands that have their own all-female R&D team! All of our formulations are unique, based on natural plant extracts combined with advanced scientific ingredients and enhanced with our patented technology, Encapsulation Actif-X. In short, this special technology makes our products more effective, as it helps the active ingredients to penetrate more and to prolong their release over time, ensuring that the molecules can penetrate deeper into the epidermis for good and fast results. Our “mix and match” concept provides customers with personalized treatment, allowing them to use what they really need. Although we are fun, playful and colorful we take our science very seriously!

    • Today we are witnessing a growing increase in ecological cosmetic brands. What is IRÉN Skin's position as a sustainable brand?

    We do our best to limit the use of plastic and favor glass packaging whenever possible. Currently, our jars are made of glass, only the caps are made of recyclable ABS plastic. We are researching refillable packaging for products that come in plastic packaging. We are now also transitioning to using only FSC-certified paper and limiting the use of unnecessary packaging materials by using reusable pouches. All our products are made in Japan, but to reduce our carbon footprint, we will try to source eco-friendly boxes and packaging locally.

    • Why should everyone use IRÉN Skin in their beauty routine?

    IRÉN Skin was created to help reduce irresponsible purchases, as we believe that everyone should only wear what they need. Therefore, our products are designed to be a targeted and personalized treatment to help with very specific skin conditions, so that you see real results. That said, I still encourage everyone to really take the time to understand their own skin and buy only what they really need.

    • What is Kristin's favorite product?

    It's really hard to pick a favorite because I only release products that I've tried at least a thousand times and really liked them! Basically all of my favorites, but if I had to choose one it would be Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum . It's a serum I use often as it can be used year round and works more like a defense so it's suitable for anyone!

      • If Kristin had to live with one product, what would it be?

      I have to be biased and tell the serums. Cleansers are more like maintenance, but to really see a difference in your skin, serums are the product to use as they usually contain the most active ingredients. Still, it's important to have a simple but thorough skin care routine to have good, healthy skin. I think the skin care lover in me couldn't just live with just one product!

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