Maskne – Acne caused by using a protective mask.

In the times we live in, the use of protective mask daily has become a new reality.

But it is in oily skin that the continuous use of a protection mask can lead to the appearance or worsening of acne, which we call Maskne .

The friction caused by the size of the mask, as well as the humidity generated by our breathing, together with perspiration, can lead to the appearance of inflammatory lesions in the area of the chin, nose and cheekbones.

In order to avoid Maskne, it is important to adapt our skin routine, so that it helps control the production of oil, as well as treat and prevent the appearance of pimples and imperfections, caused by the humidity and friction of the protective mask.

1. Clean

    Cleaning the face is essential, in order to remove the oil, impurities and perspiration produced during the day and night. It is important to opt for a cleaning product that helps to clean the skin in depth, without attacking and leaving the feeling of tightness on the face.

    2. Control imperfections

    It is important to use care in the morning routine that helps to reduce the inflammatory state (such as niacinamide) and more concentrated care in the night routine that treat and prevent the appearance of imperfections (such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid).

    3. Hydrate

    Hydration is key to keeping the skin protected and helping to control oil production. For this it is important to choose moisturizers with light textures and fast absorption.

    4. Purify and to calm down

    Performing face masks once a week will help to calm the inflammatory state of the skin as well as regulate the production of oil, which leads to clogged pores.

    Take care! Take care of your skin with Inouïe!

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