Do you know which skin cleanser is best for you?

At Inouïe we believe that correct skin cleansing is essential to keep our skin beautiful, healthy and luminous.

With the stress of everyday life, we end up forgetting to take care of ourselves and our skin and sometimes it leads us to make wrong choices at this important stage in our beauty routine. That's why we've decided to give you all the important tips on cleansing your face so you can choose the most suitable cleansing care for your skin type.

Why is facial cleansing so important?

Face cleaning is essential, because it is in this step of the beauty routine that we will remove make-up, impurities, dead cells, excess oil and toxins, which are sometimes responsible for acne, sensitivity and aging of our skin. Furthermore, it is when we clean the skin that we prepare it so that the ingredients of the cosmetics applied next penetrate our skin in depth.

Should I cleanse my skin morning and night?

We should perform skin cleansing, both morning and night. It is important to cleanse the face in the morning to remove sweat and toxins produced while we sleep and at night we must give priority to a double face cleaning, that is, to clean our skin twice. In the first step of cleaning, we must use oils, balms or micellar water, to remove make-up, oil, sunscreen and soluble impurities in the oily phase and then clean the face again with a water-based cleanser, such as gels or foams. to remove sweat and impurities produced throughout the day.

Which face cleanser is best for my skin type?

Regardless of our skin type, we should always choose cleaning products that respect the pH of our skin and that do not over-clean, maintaining the natural balance of bacteria in our skin.

Oily skin

A cleanser for oily skin has the function of removing excess oil, without ever removing too much so as not to cause a rebound effect on our skin, that is, to make it produce more oil to replace its loss.

This skin type should prefer gels or foams with a purifying and sebum-regulating action:

mixed skin

Combination skin should select a skin cleanser that helps remove oil and maintain skin balance, without leaving a tight feeling after cleansing. You should give preference to foams, gels and micellar waters:

Dry skin

Dry skin tends to have less natural fat on the skin's surface. As such, face cleansing should have a hydrating and soothing action. So you should opt for milks, balms or oil-gels:

Skin If level

Sensitive skin is sometimes a skin that is reactive to various ingredients in cosmetics. This skin type should opt for soothing facial cleansers, without perfume or soap and that help reinforce the skin's natural barrier:

Now that you know the best face cleanser for your skin type, you have no excuses to miss this very important step in our skin routine! :)

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