Beautyst Project - More than a beauty website!

One of the best things that Inouïe has given us is the possibility of meeting amazing people and being able to learn and share our knowledge with them. One of the projects that tells us so much is Beautyst .

The Beautyst project was created by Joana Álvares, who has always been linked to the pharmaceutical area, like us, being a site dedicated to credible and transparent information in the area of beauty, skin, hair and body. Joana, in partnership with specialists and professionals in the field, intends to demystify all the doubts that many women have on a daily basis.

Like Inouïe, the Beautyst project is a space that makes us feel at home, where beauty and care is seen in a simple and uncomplicated way, without lies or false promises. Here we feel that it is also our space and that together we can make our skin and our lifestyle lighter and healthier.

In this interview with Joana we had the pleasure of knowing a little more about the Beautyst project, which tells us so much and it has been a pleasure to see it grow!

1. When did the desire to create the Beautyst project arise?

    This desire arose from a set of very particular situations in my life. After a difficult period of burnout , I wanted to give my life a new meaning. The idea came up little by little, nothing was thought of overnight, quite the opposite. As I have alopecia (hair disease) and it was one of the topics I researched the most online, in addition to all topics related to beauty, I needed access to a structured and credible platform, with medical support and health professionals. As I have always worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the area of Product Management and the health area has always been my area of work, little by little I started thinking about creating this platform myself. That's how this desire came about, to create a website about beauty, with themes related to skin and hair care, always supported by health professionals and talking about my personal experience. It is a platform that is both informative and personal.

    2. Why the name Beautyst?

      This name brings together two words: Beauty + specialist = Beautyst. The name intends to convey the knowledge of experts in the field of beauty. I wanted a simple name that immediately identified the project itself. And it was chosen in a simple conversation during a family dinner.

      3. What are the values of the Beautyst project?

        The Beautyst project is based on 3 fundamental pillars: 1. Talking about beauty using the best professionals in the areas of hair, skin (with the support of dermatologists), nutrition and pharmacy; 2. Show my experience as a woman over 40 (since the challenges are so different from 20 or even 30); 3. Always comply with the legislation in force and have the greatest transparency in all content made.

        4. To date, what has given you the most pleasure to do with the Beautyst project?

        Hard to say one thing, because this project is almost like a third child. It has 100% of me, it is made with immense dedication and the desire to help other women like me, who have doubts and seek assertive and unbiased answers. Perhaps what gives me the most pleasure is knowing that my work helps thousands of women daily to manage their self-esteem and to look for solutions to skin and hair issues that they thought had no answer.

        5. How do you imagine Beautyst 5 years from now?

        It's very unpredictable. Because when I decided to create this project, I never imagined that I would be where I am today after just a few months. The project is only 1 year old in May, and at the moment it has more than 200,000 views on my website My content is highly sought after and new women come to this project every day because they believe in my opinion, in the information provided and feel safe and confident in the suggestions given. In 5 years from now, I would like to have several projects in parallel running simultaneously with the website and social networks (I'm already developing some), always under the umbrella of Informed and Credible Beauty. And I know it's possible. It's a matter of time. There's already a lot happening in this first year that I couldn't even foresee.

        6. What do you value most about your skin?

        To be well hydrated, smooth and beautiful, without imperfections or blemishes and without having to resort to make-up to feel good. A cared for skin is something that takes time, it doesn't happen overnight, and I've always had a lot of care since I was young. I am very proud of my skin and I know perfectly well how to take care of it.

        7. What is your favorite cosmetic product?

        I have to say it's a serum with hyaluronic acid. All women should use it! Even those with oily skin, because a good serum with hyaluronic acid hydrates without weighing it down, and hydrated skin is so much prettier and healthier! After introducing this care into my skin routine, she transformed. I love the Pestle & Mortar hyaluronic acid serum . It was a huge discovery and one of my favorite Skincare products discovered in 2019. The texture is wonderful, almost like water, which unmistakably hydrates the various layers of the skin, leaving a silky and plump texture. Love!

        8. If you had to choose just one cosmetic product, which one would it be?

        I love cosmetic products (and I use a lot!) but without a doubt, sunscreen is an essential product to keep the skin protected and more beautiful. 90% of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, blemishes and loss of firmness are directly related to sun exposure (all year round). So if I could only choose one product, it would have to be a sunscreen, preferably moisturizing and with anti-aging characteristics.

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