Maison Matine

Maison Matine À Contre Courant

Maison Matine

Maison Matine À Contre Courant


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A candle with an oriental floral scent that makes us travel.

The perfect candle to light when you want to travel! Maison Matine À Contre-Courant is the meeting of tiaré flower and coconut, which takes you miles away. For a moment, enjoy the sun, feel the warmth that surrounds you and calms you down. Let yourself go and enjoy this moment of well-being on the hot sand.
This candle was created by Julien Plos and its illustration by Charline Dajean.

Notes: ylang, lily, vanilla, musk, tuberose, sandalwood.
Duration: 40h

100% vegetable wax from rapeseed and coconut, French cement vase, organic cotton wick.

Give the vase a second life after you finish the candle.

Vegan, Cruelty-free

160 grams

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