Self-tanner - Summer all year!

For many, summer is synonymous of beach, tanned skin and getting back to your routine with a healthier appearance.

However, tanned skin is not always healthy skin, as we now know that 80% of visible aging in our skin is caused by exposure to the sun.

But after all, how can we get a tan without causing our skin to age prematurely?

The only way to get a tan without damaging our skin is to use a self- tanner.

1- What are self-tanners?

    Self-tanning products are cosmetic products that provide a tanned tone to the skin without the need for sun exposure.

    Self-tanning products are applied directly to the skin, causing it to acquire a more tanned tone, but does not add any protection to sun's radiation.

    There are several presentations of self-tanners, from spray, foam, masks or drops to be mixed with the moisturizer and act gradually or more intensely.

    2- How does a self-tanner work?

      The mechanism of action of a self-tanner consists in the reaction of self-tanning ingredients with keratin and other proteins present on the surface of the skin.

      DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the most common substance present in self-tanning products. It is a colorless derivative of cane sugar that acts on the surface of our skin, reacting with the amino acids of the keratin of the corneocytes. This reaction gives rise to the darkening of the surface of our skin - tan, which disappears as it renews itself.

      Self-tanning products can be used by anyone and with different skin tones, many of them have a progressive action in which the intensity of the tan can depend on the frequency or amount applied.

      3- How can I use it?

        You can use self-tanners at any time of the year. However, for its application to be homogeneous and lasting, you must take the following care:

        - You must exfoliate the skin in order to remove excess dead cells, making its texture homogeneous, since the self-tanner pigments the dead skin.

        - Moisturises the skin daily so that the self-tanning effect is longer lasting. If you apply self-tanner after hydration, you must ensure that it is fully absorbed, with no residue from the cream.

        - Apply the self-tanner until the tone you want and reapply every 3 or 4 days, as the skin renews itself and as this happens the tan disappears.

        - Don't forget to wash the palms of your hands after applying the self-tanner and let them dry very well before putting on your clothes. Avoid showering for up to 4 hours after applying the self-tanner so as not to lose its effect. For a more even application, use a glove intended for applying the self-tanner.

        With self-tanners you can be tanned all year round!

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        Take care of yourself, take care of your skin with Inouïe and discover the best self-tanners for body and face in our online store.

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