Skintegra is a Croatian dermocosmetic brand that represents the fusion of the most advanced cosmetic science with the performance of a luxury cosmetic.
Skintegra's products are more than just cosmetic products, they are cosmetics whose formulas contain active ingredients in adequate concentrations, clinically proven to be effective in combating premature skin aging, acne, comedones, blemishes and enlarged pores.

Skintegra is a cruelty-free and vegan brand and ensures that none of its products or raw materials have been tested on animals, in addition all of its product packaging is recyclable.

Skintegra is an exclusive Inouïe brand in Portugal.

22 Product(s)
Skintegra Amphibian -15%

Skintegra Amphibian

€15,30 €18,00
Atomic Skintegra -15%

Atomic Skintegra

€19,12 €22,50
Skintegra Tria Light -15%

Skintegra Tria Light

€20,40 €24,00
Lunar Skintegra -15%

Lunar Skintegra

€20,40 €24,00
Skintegra Úna -15%

Skintegra Úna

€21,67 €25,50
Skintegra Solar I -15%

Skintegra Solar I

€28,05 €33,00
Skintegra Naro

Skintegra Naro

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