Maison Matine

Maison Matine Onde Urbane

Maison Matine

Maison Matine Onde Urbane


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A candle with a spicy floral scent that is an invitation to share and mingle.

The perfect candle to share moments and fill the house. The warm and spicy notes of Onde Urbaine take us on a journey around the world. Experience this journey, exchange and multiculturalism. Notes of tea and orange blossom perfume the space and are symbols of conviviality and warmth.
This candle was created by Julien Plos and its illustration by Charline Dajean.

Notes: cardamom, cucumber, ginger, musk, Virginia cedar, vanilla.
Duration: 40h

100% vegetable wax from rapeseed and coconut, French cement vase, organic cotton wick.

Give the vase a second life after you finish the candle.

Vegan, Cruelty-free

160 grams

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